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Not a nice title I know. But I’ve been thinking about Twitter a lot lately. Mostly just thinking, cause since I started my PhD I’ve been bad at keeping up with it.

Personally I use Twitter to tap into the eyes and ears of others who share my interests. They point me to articles, ideas, and conversations I likely never would have come across on my own. The key is to find the experts who tweet about relevant useful things you’re  interested in.

Since I’ve been so bad at keeping up, I often go back and read the stream of tweets from 2, even 3 days ago. I’m noticing some interesting patterns. I’ve tried to come up with some “twitterisms” naming the different phenomenon I’m observing:

Twitter Re-re’s: People who only RT others. They typically don’t have any original content of their own. “She’s just a Twitter Re-re trying to up her Twitter rank.”

Twitter vomit: What happens when people sign on to Twitter and spew forth 5 or more tweets in a row.  These guys typically leave their mark (so to speak) then they’re not heard from for the rest of the day. “Whoa, did you see all the twitter vomit from @lerickson today? Jeeze.”

Tweefer-heads: People whose tweets either make no sense or are totally random. “That guy is lost in his own world. What a tweefer-head.”

Twiticism: When someone corrects you or has issues with your tweet. “I don’t mind a little twiticism, but do we really need the four letter words too?”

Tweeches: People who attach themselves to everyone on twitter trying to up their numbers. “This guy has over 10,000 people he’s following and only one tweet. What a tweech.”

A “twituation”: Any highly tweeted breaking situation or event. “Check out the twituation Kanye’s got himself into now.”

I’m mulling around with the idea of putting together a twictionary of such terms. Please submit any you know of, or any you make up.

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