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Title: The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Author: David Meerman Scott­

Pub Date: June, 2007

marketing_pr.jpeg The best book I’ve read that deals with the blurring lines between marketing and PR.  Scott speaks from knowledge based on a long a history of breaking the rules when it comes to reaching his buyers.

Scott’s number one focus is connecting with the buyer and his book is full of examples and great advice that’s easy to digest.

Some tidbits:

  • “Content drives action.”
  • “Don’t tell journalists [and bloggers] what your product does. Tell them how you solve customer problems.”
  • “The web has changed the rules. Today, organizations are communicating directly with buyers.”
  • “You are what you publish.”

Best piece of advice:

“Do not write about your company and your products.  Thought leadership content is designed to solve buyer problems…”

Scott recommends developing personas through research and interview with your buyers to help identify their needs, the language they use, and what they’re looking for from your company.

Business take-away:

The web has opened a whole new world for both companies and buyers.  It doesn’t eliminate the need for PR and marketing but it should change how you go about communicating with your buyers.

  • Use personas to understand your audiences’ needs.
  • Look for ways to shift from one-way to two-way communications.
  • Use the web to give your company a voice and create a direct, personal connection with your buyers.
  • And finally, look for agencies who understand and embrace this new world.  Ones who can help you navigate and leverage it to your advantage.

Scott is speaking at the MarketingProfs B2B conference, up in Boston June 9 -10.

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