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Think about the last time you were at a cocktail party.  Think back to the people you met there. They likely fell into one of 3 types:

  • ­Blah Blah Barry: Barry didn’t make a connection with you in any way.  You know you interacted with him but you don’t remember anything about the experience.  You have a faint recollection of what he looked like but you don’t remember what you talked about, or what he said.  The whole conversation reminded you of that Far Side cartoon with Ginger the dog.


  • Ima Important: Ima talked incessantly about herself.  She prattled on and on telling you her complete life story and all the great things she had accomplished.  At some point she even asked for your name and email so she could keep you updated on her latest “venture.”  You found the first opportunity to bail out of the conversation and spent the rest of the evening avoiding her along with everyone else.
  • Breath of Fresh Aaron: You had an immediate connection with Aaron.  He spent most of the time asking you questions about yourself and making insightful comments.  He seemed completely engaged and interested in every word.  At some point in the conversation he gave you an great tip that you can’t wait to try out tomorrow at work.

Now think about your web site.  What personality does it have?  When potential buyers engage with it will they feel like their talking with Barry, Ima or Aaron?

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